Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Tarot Predictions for March 12 to March 18, 2023 | astrology

Love: Four of Wands

Mood: Page of Swords

Career: Hierophant

Aries people will have a successful business week with recognition and rewards for their creativity and drive at work. Colleagues will cooperate and plans will be completed easily. In love life, you can enjoy good feelings and harmonious relationship with your partner. Health will be excellent and will give you energy to tackle any task. Family life may not be the highlight, but relationships with siblings and parents will remain constant. It is advisable to keep a close watch on the finances. Avoid schemes with quick returns. There is a possibility of pilgrimage for some. Property matters may not be favourable, and house shifting may be postponed. Students will perform well in the exam and preparation will be easy.

Lucky Number : 4

Auspicious Color: Orange

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Love: Power

Mood: Satan

Career: Stupid

Taurus people can expect a mix of highs and lows this week. Romance is set to shine, strong connections or new encounters are expected. While work may not bring complete satisfaction, opportunities for economic growth are constant. Relocation to a more desirable location or locations may take time. Family relations should remain harmonious without any major disputes. Although health may be average, daily activities will not be affected. Those who love to travel can expect a good time on a short trip or drive. The best deals for buying, selling or renting a new place are indicated. Academics can pose a challenge with possible poor performance and exam preparation difficulties. However, personal and professional relationships can offer support.

Lucky Number : 7

Auspicious Color: Yellow

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Love: Justice

Mood: Emperor

Career: World

Gemini natives can achieve success in professional work this week. Opportunities for advancement and leadership will open up in the workplace. Relationships with colleagues and superiors will be fruitful. Family life will be warm and loving, fun gatherings are likely. A balanced budget and expenditure will keep the economy stable. Stress, fatigue and minor ailments can cause some health challenges. There may be misunderstandings or emotional distance in romance. Bridge the gap with honest communication. Solo travel can bring excitement and adventure to anyone. Good returns can be obtained in the case of commercial property. Students can clear the prestigious entrance exam easily.

Lucky number: 17

Auspicious Color: Dark Blue

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Love: Lover

Mood: Sun

Career: Sobriety

As a Cancer, your week ahead is promising. Your professional life is strong, and you will shine with your skills and expertise. As a result of your efforts, the project will be completed successfully. Finances look positive, and you can manage expenses well. You will shine in business and use new opportunities. Focus on good health by eating well and exercising. Your family life is stable, and spending time with loved ones will strengthen bonds. Romance may not be so favorable, avoiding starting a new relationship or making major love decisions. Travel is great, so plan an exciting trip. Property matters moderately well; Consider buying, selling or renting. Students should pay attention to studies and exams. Overall, Cancer natives can expect a good week.

Lucky Number : 11

Auspicious Color: Peach

Leo (July 23-August 23)

Love: Knight of Swords

Mood: Sorcerer

Career: Lovers

As a Leo, this week holds some exciting possibilities. Your finances are expected to be excellent, giving you the resources to pursue your goals. Your business will grow financially, profit and stability will increase. Your health is good, helping you lead a balanced and energetic lifestyle. Your family life may be harmonious, providing quality time with loved ones. Romance is also favorable, bringing sweet moments with your partner. Professionally, you may face some obstacles. Delays can cause project delays. However, your travel prospects look positive, giving you a relaxing time. The front of the property is excellent, offering stability. Academically, things are also looking good. Students can get good results in the exam. Stay positive and focus on overcoming challenges.

Auspicious Number: 15

Auspicious Color: Brown

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

Love: Two of Swords

Mood: Nine of Wands

Career: The Hanged Man

This week seems to be good for the health of those born under the sign of Virgo. Focus on wellness by exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough rest. Financial condition looks good with potential to increase income or investment. Romance is also sparkling with the possibility of emotional connection with loved ones. You will be in a loving, compatible relationship that brings you joy. The professional field can be challenging but success is possible with hard work and dedication. Family life may not be good, stay positive. A young person may be stubborn and may need to be patient. Travel can bring new experiences and natural thrills. Property matters should remain stable with the prospect of finding a dream home. Academics for students can see improvement with hard work, which can lead to admission in prestigious institutes. Seize opportunities this week and make the most of them.

Lucky Number : 5

Auspicious Color: Green

Libra (September 24-October 23)

Love: Power

Mood: Four of Cups

Career: Lovers

This week, Libra may experience financial crisis as unexpected expenses increase. Money management can be difficult due to limited funds. However, their careers are very good. Fresh ideas and energy from colleagues will benefit their work environment. Health is relatively stable, with common health concerns. There may be some ups and downs in family life, but overall it is still good. Good news may come from distant family. On the romantic front, difficulties and obstacles may arise, leading to disappointment. However, the travel possibilities are great, and there is the chance to explore a new city or natural area. Some can buy, sell or rent old property at great prices. Scholarship exams can bring academic success for Libra people. Other aspects of their lives also remain good, providing a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Lucky number: 18

Auspicious Color: Golden

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

Love: Knight of Swords

Mood: Stupid

Career: Eight of Cups

Scorpios may experience a mix of positive and negative aspects of life this week. Their professional front looks promising with potential employment opportunities and favorable career developments. However, financial stability can only be average. So it is best to put off business expansion plans and keep a close eye on expenses. Health is stable, but one’s well-being should still be a priority. Family life looks brighter with the prospect of festive gatherings to strengthen bonds. Romance can only be mediocre, so it’s important to improve communication with your partner. Exciting travel opportunities can arise for adventure seekers. Academic performance may suffer without proper preparation. On the property front, the prospect of renting the property looks positive.

Lucky Number : 2

Auspicious Color: Silver

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

Love: The Wheel of Fortune

Mood: Hangman

Career: Four of Coins

Sagittarius people are ready to experience a balanced approach this week. Family life looks great, with strong bonds and potential for growth. Romance is also promising, with a chance for new connections or rekindled flames. is economic

Good, but unexpected expenses may arise. This week, you are health focused and disciplined. Make healthy choices and stick to your fitness goals with this energy. Assessment results may not meet expectations, and employment opportunities may be scarce. Travel may be delayed or postponed. But real estate prospects look bright in terms of property purchase or rental. There may be some challenges academically, but preparation and focus can lead to better performance. It is important to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

Lucky Number : 1

Lucky Color: Cream

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

Love: Sanyasi

Mood: Three of Swords

Carrier: Chariot

This week, Capricorns are set for a lucky streak with positive financial, romance, and health outcomes. Professionally, growth and success are on the horizon, with impressive meetings and presentations ahead. Love brings new connections and a chance to rekindle the spark in existing relationships. Tread carefully. Health can be excellent, giving you energy and confidence to do anything. On the negative side, travel can bring frustration and disruption. Prepare for long road trips to avoid problems. Real estate prospects are strong with the chance of early possession of your home. Academics can be challenging, but proper preparation can lead to success. Nurture relationships with family and loved ones this week.

Lucky Number : 2

Auspicious Color: Sky Blue

Aquarius (January 22-February 19)

Love: The Tower

Mood: King of Wands

Career: Coin Two

This week Aquarius people can expect a good professional front with growth opportunities and recognition for their work. Despite some challenges in family life, a strong romantic relationship provides comfort. A planned family gathering may not go as planned. Be flexible and go with the flow. Marriage prospects are bright for singles. Evaluate your options and choose wisely. Health and finances are stable, allowing for a fuller experience. Self-care is important, so focus on reducing stress through exercise and mindfulness. Traveling together is fun

Possibility to discover new places. Real estate business looks promising. Academics should not be overlooked, as they can play a big role in prospects. Focus on nurturing personal relationships and rekindling the spark.

Lucky Number : 1

Auspicious Color: Pink

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Love: Four Coins

Mood: Sorcerer

Career: Queen

This week will bring joy and satisfaction in the family life of Pisces people. Strong bonds with loved ones will be strengthened and cherished. Health will be in good condition, allowing you to focus on self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Romance can have its ups and downs but with effort and open communication, you can rekindle the passion. Finances may be stable, but not very encouraging. It would be wise to keep a watchful eye and make prudent financial decisions. However, work-life can cause some stress, so be prepared to put in extra effort to balance everything. Travel will be an exciting part with new destinations and adventures to explore. Real estate can provide good opportunities for investment and property related decisions. Some students can even get scholarships with persistent efforts. Keep the flame burning in existing relationships and open new ones.

Auspicious Number: 9

Auspicious Color: Purple

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