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Color-blocking and mixing prints have gained immense popularity in the fashion world. These trends allow fashion enthusiasts to use contrasting colors and patterns in a single outfit, creating a bold and striking look. While color blocking involves combining two or more solid colors, mixing prints is all about combining different patterns in one piece. However, when experimenting with these trends one should strike a balance, and not go overboard with too many colors or patterns. It’s also important to consider the occasion and setting when choosing colors and prints. While these trends work well for street-style, they may not be appropriate for a professional or formal setting. (Also read: From neon colors to metallics: the top Gen Z summer fashion trends for 2023 )

While color blocking involves combining two or more solid colors, mixing prints is all about combining different patterns in one piece.  (Instagram)
While color blocking involves combining two or more solid colors, mixing prints is all about combining different patterns in one piece. (Instagram)

“Color blocking involves pairing two or more solid, bold colors together in an outfit. This can be done in a variety of ways, from wearing a solid-color top and bottom in different colors to adding complementary colors like blue and orange or pink. Green. The key is the color palette. Keep it simple and avoid adding too many accessories or patterns that can overwhelm the look,” says Shruti Kaushik, fashion designer and founder of Fallon Studios.

She adds, “Mixing prints, on the other hand, involves combining different patterns in the same outfit. This can be a bit more difficult than color blocking, as the patterns need to complement each other without clashing. This is one way to do it. A matching striped shirt with a floral skirt in a matching colour. Pair patterns that share a color scheme. Another way is to combine contrasting patterns like polka dots and stripes or leopard print and plaid for a bold and eclectic look.”

Mixing Prints and Color-Blocking:

Shruti also shared with HT Lifestyle some easy ways to tap into the playful trend of mixing and matching bold colors and patterns.

1. Floral vibes

Floral prints are always soothing to the eyes. However, we often play it muted when going for a floral top. But, you can still be bold and beautiful by mixing floral prints with colorful bottoms. Keep the color palette the same, so if you’re opting for a floral print blouse or a shirt with a blue pattern on it, go for solid blue flared pants with it. Color blocking balances out your outfit and adds a neutral bag to complete your look.

2. go boho

Boho chic is a fresh and trendy way to top your fashion game. Boho style is all about being relaxed and comfortable. From flowy pants to printed blouses to maxi skirts, when it comes to bohemian style you can play with a lot of colors and patterns. Wear a printed flowy skirt with simple patterns like shapes or stripes and opt for a solid colored tank top or vest. You can also go full-on with a floral printed maxi dress and add a colorful flowerhead to get the ultimate boho vibe.

3. Let’s coordinate

Co-ord sets are not only trendy but they look extremely fashionable. You can easily go print on print with a coordinated pantsuit. Choose a single color palette and keep the prints dynamic. Poppy orange and pink, tangerine yellow and cobalt blue, and mauve, and neon green are some great color combinations to try. Keep your accessories minimal and shoes and bags in neutral colors to stand out in the crowd.

4. Informally wild

Animal prints are here to stay and when you mix them with the perfect amount of glam, your outfit takes it to the next level. So, bring out your inner wilderness with an animal print crop top and bold-colored flared pants or pleated skirt. You can also wear a polka-dotted easy-breezy dress with an animal-print blazer or kimono for a more relaxed look. Put on a boater hat and carry a jute tote and you’re ready to rock.

Are you thinking about making your fashion more colorful? Here are your cues to incorporate these simple styling tips and glam up your fashion.

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