Parenting tips to foster a love of reading in your children

Instilling a love of reading in your children is a wonderful gift that can benefit them for life, but parents should remember that the goal is to nurture their love of books and make reading a fun and meaningful experience. A gateway to a lifelong journey of learning, imagination and discovery. Take your children to libraries and bookstores regularly, encourage them to explore the shelves, browse books and choose their own reading material, participate in library programs or programs that promote literacy, make reading a shared experience, take turns reading with your child, special As they grow up and become independent readers, discuss books, ask questions, and encourage their ideas and interpretations.

Parenting Tips to Foster a Love of Reading in Your Kids (Photo by Andy Kuzma on Pexels)
Parenting Tips to Foster a Love of Reading in Your Kids (Photo by Andy Kuzma on Pexels)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, author, motivational speaker, business consultant and educator Shiv Khera said, “With the pace of change, people have realized that the current generation’s attention span is shrinking, resulting in a decline in reading habits. It is the responsibility of the parents to inculcate the habit of reading from childhood. Habits developed in childhood remain throughout life. Our mind is a thought factory – vulgarity in vulgarity out, garbage in – garbage out, good in – good out. Often, ‘in dirt, dirt stays and dirt grows’ and it breeds within us. This multiplier effect is dangerous and destructive. Our mind is a thinking factory. Whatever we input into the factory determines the output. input in the form of books we read, shows we watch and friends we keep; And the output is our attitude.”

He added, ‘According to research, a self-made millionaire reads two to three books a month on an average, which translates to about 25 to 30 books a year. In thirty years, that comes to about 1,000 books. They don’t read just any book. They read self-help books that help them grow in life. We all know how to read, but very few actually read, and of those who do, few know what to read. Warren Buffett reads 5-6 hours a day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. There is a connection between learning and earning. Learn more, earn more. “

Why don’t people read?

Shiv Khera replied, “People who complain about not having time to read books are the same people who spend 2-3 hours a day on social media or watching TV. Time is not the problem, it is our lack of priorities. Such people become stagnant and complain that they are unlucky, not realizing that they are the cause of stagnation.”

How parents can inculcate the habit of reading?

Shiv Khera suggested:

  • Make it fun; Make a game out of it. Let them start by reading 2-3 pages a day, create quizzes from the material, and let the child search for their answers.
  • Reward the child with a small token of appreciation, making them look forward to doing it again. Celebrate your child’s academic achievements.
  • Make a habit of reading daily. Consistency is key.
  • Create a reading-friendly environment; Encourage them to build their own little library.
  • Avoid distractions while studying. Encourage them to highlight quotes and facts.
  • Set an example by reading it yourself. Children copy their parents, so be a good role model.

Ajay Gupta, founder of Bachpan Play School and Academic Heights Public School and co-founder of Rishihood University and Must & More Diagnostic Center reveals, “I am frequently asked the question about the best way to encourage a love of reading in children, and my response. Always the same: start young, make it fun and set a positive example. Children are sponges for information from the moment they are born. And introducing your child to books at an early age is one of the best ways to start developing a love of reading. Even before they understand words, babies can benefit from exposure to pictures, colors, and different textures. As they get older, incorporate reading into your daily schedule and choose books that interest you. This will enable them to see learning as a pastime rather than a chore.”

He advises, “Making reading fun is important to instill a passion for reading. Select books with engaging protagonists, riveting plots, and colorful illustrations. Encourage your child to participate by asking questions, making predictions, and connecting the story to their own experiences by reading with excitement and using different voices for different characters. The best way to inspire your child to love reading is to set an example for them by modeling reading. Make it a habit to read it aloud as a family and let your child see you enjoy reading. Make frequent trips to the library or bookstore part of your routine, discuss the books you’re reading, and ask your child for book recommendations. Children need early exposure to fun, engaging books, as well as reading role models, to develop an interest in reading. You can encourage your child to read for lifelong enjoyment by following these easy steps.

Vijay Kumar Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Makun’s Play School emphasized, “As a parent you have the power to support your child’s early acquisition of important language and literacy skills. You can prepare your child for success in reading and writing by following a few simple guidelines. First, talk to your child early and often. Talking to them early can help them learn important language skills that lay the foundation for reading and writing before they can speak. Use short, simple sentences to explain your daily activities and what your child is seeing and experiencing. Another important tactic is to make a daily reading habit. Even if your child is very young, read to them for at least 30 minutes every day. They can learn new words as a result, and they can also learn the basic rules of reading. You can help your child connect printed words to their meanings.

He recommends, “It’s also important to confirm that your child’s daycare provider, nursery school teacher, or preschool teacher reads aloud to your child every day and provides books for your child to read. This reinforces the value of reading and fosters a love of books and storytelling.” By letting your child watch you read books, maps, and other materials, you can serve as a positive reading role model. Having books that interest your child in an accessible location will help them see reading as a fun and worthwhile activity. Another great way to encourage a love of reading is to take them to your local library. You can enroll your child in preschool story time and help them choose books to bring home. By exposing your child to a variety of books and reading experiences, you can gain a lifelong love of learning and literacy. encourage.”

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