Lunch of all trades – Hindustan Times

As Indians, we love our traditional sweets and delicacies that not only bring festive joy to celebrations, but accompany countless cups of tea and become our constant companions during the journey. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, the search for healthier alternatives has gained momentum. New-age brands working to give Indian nibbles a healthy makeover … Read more

Weekend Drive by Hormazd Sorabjee: A New Italian Horse

Say hello to all the new Purosang (poor-oh-sung-way). A tongue-twister of a name, it means “thoroughbred” in Italian. True to its pedigree, Ferrari has kept the fundamentals of this hallowed brand intact while breaking some traditions. It is the first four-door Ferrari in history and comes with SUV-like ground clearance. The Purosangue is comfortable, spacious … Read more

Rude Food: The Fame of Dhamaka by Veer Sanghavi

If you’re interested in food, you’ve probably heard of New York’s boom. In the year it opened (2021), the New York Times ranked it first on its list of the top ten new restaurants in the city. (All restaurants: not just Indian restaurants.) It is, by any objective standard, the most successful Indian restaurant in … Read more

Skin care tips: Glow-up like this

Skin care, at the moment, is hurtling through parallel universes. An influential is championing the seven-step Korean regime. Another swears by chemical peels. Still others believe that home remedies are all you need. Everyone has glowing, transparent skin. Everyone’s gossiping, OMG, you guys! Meanwhile, shoppers have a cart full of products, confusion, and suspicion that … Read more

New to the recession? Let’s show you how to cope

By now, Elon Musk’s bizarre antics on Twitter are practically a meme, though no one on the receiving end is laughing. And with news of a global recession just a few months later, millions of employees around the world are expecting to be shelled. Cue fear, insecurity and possible depression. Remember actress Neena Gupta’s social … Read more

Cringe is in. Don’t shy away from it; Embrace that shrinking feeling

Cringe is suddenly everywhere, again. Viral reels intentionally aim to cause that twinge of second-hand awkwardness or palatable discomfort. Their weapons are bad song covers, poor attempts at dance challenges, weird gestures, sounds and voices. premium Encouraging memes abound on social media. Comedian Aditi Mittal says, ‘There has always been a huge market for loud … Read more

Loss of productive pancreatic cells may contribute to diabetes: Study | Health

In the pancreas, different types of beta cells produce insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar. Losing a specific productive type of beta cell may contribute to the development of diabetes, according to researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine. Loss of productive pancreatic cells may contribute to diabetes: Study (OnSplash) Dr. James Lo, associate professor of medicine … Read more

For children ages 2-6, artificial pancreas may improve blood sugar control: Study | Health

An artificial pancreas created at the University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology improves blood sugar management in 2- to 6-year-old children with type 1 diabetes, according to a new study. Details and findings of the clinical study were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. For children aged 2-6, artificial pancreas may … Read more

Beauty, Skin Care Tips: 5 Wellness Resolutions To Try Right Now For That Glow-Up | Fashion trends

There are many things we wish you could do for that dream glow, including fancy treatments, expensive makeup, and more.From cleansing balms and powder cleansers to pressed serums and concentrated oils, skincare enhancements come in a wide variety. Raise your hand if you’ve tried triple cleansing with exfoliating scrubs, peel-off masks to tackle common gripes … Read more

Skincare Tips: Going for cosmetic procedures? Here’s what you need to know Fashion trends

byZarafshan ShirazDelhi The world of aesthetics is easily one of the fastest-changing fields in recent times and in today’s 21st century, maintaining your look isn’t as difficult as it was years ago, thanks to the many advances in technology to offer easy solutions to everyone. The way you look is better. Nowadays many people choose … Read more

Indian Railways launched Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train travel

To take people on the path of enlightenment, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) Bharat Gaurav Train concept has launched a Buddhist circuit tourist train on its spiritual journey. In the Mahaparinirvana Sutra, the Buddha tells his followers that merit and great rebirth can be attained … Read more