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byZarafshan ShirazDelhi

Rumors that he was going on a trip to Jeju Island with his girlfriend weren’t even over earlier this year when K-pop sensation and Korean boyband BTS’ golden boy Jeon Jungkook revealed that the volcanic island in South Korea is his favorite travel destination. During a hot photo shoot with American fashion brand Calvin Klein, which opened a thirst trap for BTS Army, Jungkook was asked “Where would you like to travel next?”

Jeju Island: 10 Tourist Attractions of Jungkook's Favorite Travel Destination in South Korea (Photo by Twitter/Pixabay/Unsplash)
Jeju Island: 10 Tourist Attractions of Jungkook’s Favorite Travel Destination in South Korea (Photo by Twitter/Pixabay/Unsplash)

The 25-year-old star quickly replied, “I haven’t traveled much but I love Jeju Island.” It was enough to set fire to the rumor mills that have been running since January 5 this year when a post titled “Jungkook was spotted on a date in Jeju Island. Taehyung and Jennie’s date location last year… (sic)”. The internet was set on fire as it showed Jungkook sitting in a restaurant next to an unidentified woman who the poster claimed was Jungkook’s girlfriend.

The creator of the post wrote under the photo, “Jungkook found love (sic),” and thousands of online users took to the comment section to dismiss the false rumor by claiming that the posted photo was from the past when Jungkook went to a restaurant with the group. A fan among his friends contacted the restaurant owner who revealed that it was not Jungkook’s girlfriend but a female employee who worked with him.

Still, the mention of Jeju Island’s Jungkook before summer vacation excited the travel enthusiast in us and we couldn’t help but add this “Island of God” to our bucket list while marking these 10 tourist attractions on our itinerary. Our next visit:

  • Halasan National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hallasan National Park is home to Mount Hallasan, the highest peak in South Korea. Visitors can climb to the top and enjoy stunning views of the island.
  • Jeju Folk Village Museum – This open-air museum showcases traditional Jeju Island life, with more than 100 thatched-roof houses, food and craft workshops, and live performances.
  • Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak – Also known as Sunrise Peak, Seongsan Ilchulbong is a volcanic cone that offers breathtaking views of the island’s eastern coastline.
  • Manjangul Cave – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Manjangul Cave is a 7.4 km long lava tube that was formed during a volcanic eruption 2,000 years ago. Visitors can explore unique rock formations and learn about the island’s volcanic history.
  • Jeju Teddy Bear Museum – The museum has a collection of teddy bears from around the world, as well as exhibits showcasing the history and culture of Jeju Island.
  • Jeju Aqua Planet – A large aquarium complex, Jeju Aqua Planet houses more than 5,000 marine creatures, including dolphins, sharks and sea turtles.
  • Cheonjeyeon Falls – This three-tiered waterfall is located in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by lush vegetation and volcanic rock formations.
  • Jungmun Beach – One of the island’s most popular beaches, Jungmun Beach offers soft white sand and clear blue water, as well as a variety of water sports activities.
  • Jeju Loveland – This unique sculpture park has over 140 sensual sculptures and exhibits, showcasing human sexuality in art.
  • Jeju Mysterious Street – Also known as “Dokkaebi Road”, this optical illusion road appears to go uphill when it’s actually downhill, making it a popular destination for visitors to test their perception.

These are just a few of the many attractions that Jeju Island has to offer. Whether you are interested in natural beauty, history, culture or fun activities, Jeju Island is sure to feed your travel bug and provide an unforgettable experience.

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