Interior Design Tips: Summer Decorating Ideas for Home Makeovers

Summer is here and it’s all about celebrating the colors and atmosphere of the season, so, give your home a refreshing aura amid this scorching summer with a few ways to help you sit back and relax. To inspire you for a summer refresh, we got some home decor and interior design experts on board to share simple and quick solutions that will make your home look bigger and brighter.

Interior Design Tips: Summer Decorating Ideas for Home Makeovers (Photo by Dan Gould on Unsplash)
Interior Design Tips: Summer Decorating Ideas for Home Makeovers (Photo by Dan Gould on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, ZYNNA Managing Director Retesh Sharma shared, “When it comes to summer, people look for pastels and that means lighter shades of colors; This means pale greens, soft pinks, soft beiges and more neutral colors. This is what makes it more comfortable to stay in the environment and the environment and the second thing when it comes to texture is that more absorbent fabrics such as natural yarns are used, things like pure cotton or pure linen or even if it is a mixture of percentages. The polyester is very thin so it helps with maintenance and it’s very easy to feel and touch.”

He added, “So for summer, the look is kept more tropical, soft and if one wants to compliment it, it can be done by using shades of green outside which relaxes the eyes so this is the look this summer. Which is going to come inside, which is more Pastels, more soft colors and still textures are going to be more natural.”

Neeti Chopra, founder of Niti’s Linen Library, reveals, “For 2023, the key summer colors are a mix of pistachio green, rose pink, minty navy blue and marigold. Another major trend emerging this summer is a touch of metallic accents in the dining area.”

Maya Mathew, head of design at Urban Ladder, outlined some innovative ideas for this summer and said, “This summer, one of the biggest trends is biophilic design, which takes a lot of inspiration from nature. Cultivating a sense of well-being by combining aspects of the natural world, biophilic designs are created using natural elements. Every time you walk through your door, they will immerse you in an aesthetic look derived from organic shapes, patterns, icons, earth tones and natural textures.

She suggests some tips that will help you embrace the summer vibes this season:

Easy on the eyes, furniture with organic forms makes the room light and airy. Furniture with wood carvings with natural designs based on leaves gives it an interesting depth. These items can be used in conjunction with your standard furniture as accent pieces. Furniture like lounge chairs with graceful curves and live-edge tables are some of the best summertime additions to your home.

Living in the midst of nature is bliss; Incorporating natural materials (marble, cane and wood) into your home this summer will add a breath of fresh air. Used in a variety of traditional and contemporary furniture designs, cane adds texture and lightness to your home. Offering a rustic look, mango, teak, and weathered distressed finishes like Bali Oak finish add charm to the space. Cotton, canvas, jute, or linen provide your home with unmatched comfort and irresistible elegance.

There is nothing more ideal to start your summer than creating a corner at home to relax and escape with your favorite cup of tea and a book. A lounge chair, a recliner, a divan, or a comfortable outdoor chair in the corner near the window is a great idea to enjoy the sunlight and summer breeze. Styling it in seasonal colors adds an intimate touch to your environment.

Warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine are even more enjoyable if your outdoor area is ready for summer. The freedom to relax on a swing chair or some outdoor furniture for basking in the summer sun adds a fun touch to your decor. Adding lanterns or fairy lights to your outdoor space can elevate a pleasant summer evening.

Summer is all about colors, patterns and fun. Floral patterns and prints are great, as they add complexity, personality, and a relaxed sophistication to your home. Accent furniture pieces like lounge chairs, benches, or poufs and soft furnishings that depict nature while enhancing the summer vibe.

When it comes to adding a holiday atmosphere to your home, side tables are the icing on the cake. Sleek, styled with vases and fresh flowers, which will embellish and elevate your living room., these small, charming additions will suit every space in your home.

Here’s hoping these ideas add some pep to your space and make it livelier and more soothing and help bring you that summer feeling.

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