Here’s how you can completely overcome low emotional states

Emotional deficiency can be described as a state of being overwhelmed by sadness or anger where emotions are suppressed at a time, increasing pressure and resulting in emotional collapse, which leads to further depression, anxiety and mood swings. Overcoming low emotional states requires a combination of self-awareness, self-compassion and intentional action.

Here's How You Can Completely Overcome Low-Emotional Situations (Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash)
Here’s How You Can Completely Overcome Low-Emotional Situations (Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ramya Iyer, Consultant Psychologist, WNS-Vuram, shared, “At the workplace, employees can experience emotional exhaustion due to various reasons like lack of job security, toxic work environment, irregular working hours, stressful workload. And that affects the work culture. changes. This can cause anxiety, sleeplessness, confusion, loss of focus, confusion and violent behavior for no apparent reason.”

She suggests, “To mitigate this, organizations must make conscious efforts to address mental health challenges and normalize access to emotional support. Focusing on creating a positive work culture can make a huge difference in the overall emotional health and well-being of the workforce. Organizations need to navigate new challenges and embrace technology.” As increased focus, the uncertainty surrounding it can have an adverse emotional impact on people, making it equally important to stay focused on nurturing the human factor. Some ways to deal with emotional weaknesses are practicing mindfulness and meditation, identifying the root cause of emotional weakness and working with your feelings and emotions. Being in charge.”

According to Shivangi Tiwari Mishra, General Manager, Tattvan e Clinics, overcoming low emotional states completely starts with recognizing and accepting our emotions without judgement, shame or self-pity. She said, “From there, the journey begins to take the right steps or seek professional help if one is aware of it. Unfortunately, talking about emotional stress or mental health as it is called is still not a well-accepted practice in India. Therefore, addressing it It’s even more important to get professional help to do that.”

She suggests, “Given the reservations about discussing mental health, seeking professional help through tele-consultation from one’s own home can be the first step to begin to gain control of the real problem. The privacy and comfort that tele-consultation with a therapist provides is a major contributor to mental health issues in our society. can be one of the ways to address the existing condition. It is not just a prescription but the right course of treatment that a person should seek and be able to achieve regardless of any preconceived notions of those around them. All this one step at a time to build good mental and physical health. Start by taking.

Mynoo Maryel, life coach and author, emphasized You get more out of whatever energy you give yourself, focusing our attention on negative emotions gives us more. To change this situation, he recommends the following three steps that can guarantee results:

1. Acknowledge what state you are in, where in your body you feel it, how it is affecting you. This gets the state out of your system and you can move on.

2. Declare that you accept all unconditionally and choose to move forward. Take a step forward.

3. Now go through A to Z saying out loud one word from each alphabet that you appreciate. When you reach Z your vibrations will change completely. Since you have already purified in the first step, you will continue to move forward and the positive vibes will expand and multiply.

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