From Vibrant Colors to Vintage Charm: Top Summer Bridal Jewelry Trends 2023 | Fashion trends

In 2023, the world of bridal jewelery is embracing a refreshing and unconventional approach to the vibrant summer season. With warmth and joy in the air, it’s the perfect time for a wedding in India. This year’s bridal jewelery trends showcase elegance and grace, capturing the essence of the season. From vibrant pieces that reflect the spirit of summer to non-traditional designs, Indian brides are mesmerized by these lovely trends. Embracing a touch of exclusivity and modernity, bridal jewelery choices are captivating hearts across the country. Enter the enchanting world of summer bridal jewelery that is setting the trend for unforgettable wedding moments. (Also read: Creative and stylish ways to style your everyday minimal jewelry )

Summer bridal jewelery trends 2023 in India emphasize elegance, personality and charm in the bridal ensemble.  (Instagram)
Summer bridal jewelery trends 2023 in India emphasize elegance, personality and charm in the bridal ensemble. (Instagram)

Top Summer Bridal Jewelry Trends 2023

Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Snehal Choksi, founder of Shobha Shringar says, “This year’s trend celebrates the use of vibrant, unusual colors like lilacs, blues and pinks to define jewelery pieces. The focus is on incorporating precious and semi-precious colours. -Each creation is unique and captivating. Precious stones that give the look. Diamonds play a supporting role, skillfully accentuating the colors and adding a touch of elegance. Adding to the allure of summer bridal jewellery, enamel emerges as a widely embraced material. Delicate pastel motifs, especially in sweet pieces, give the jewelery a unique and attractive touch. The emphasis is on individuality, moving away from traditional sets and instead allowing each ring, bracelet or earring to shine in its own right.”

She added, “Non-traditional pieces like rings and bracelets take center stage with a shift to heavier and more ornate designs. Modern brides, especially young women, gravitate towards statement chunky rings or bracelets, which create a focal point that complements their entire ensemble. . The aim is to showcase an extraordinary piece of jewelry that becomes the charm of their makeup.”

“Floral motifs are blooming this summer, showcasing the beauty of nature in every piece. Delicate bracelets inspired by Gulmohar feature full blooms set with diamonds, rose gold branches with a matte finish. Summer rings boast distinct floral designs, rose-cut diamonds for a classy touch and fine Incorporating blue enamel. Ahead of these trends, the world of bridal jewelery is experiencing a rejuvenation, incorporating bright colors and elements inspired by nature. It’s an exciting time to explore endless possibilities. Unique designs, attractive settings and imaginative use of precious stones,” says Snehal.

Bringing his expertise to bear on the same, Ribbons director Ishaan Kekar ​​shared with HT Lifestyle, “Nature-inspired motifs and floral designs are taking center stage in 2023. Delicate flowers, intricate leaves, and jhumkas are adorning bridal jewellery, creating a whimsical and romantic appeal. Whether it’s a dainty necklace with a floral pendant or a pair of statement earrings with leafy motifs, these nature-inspired pieces add a touch of freshness to a bridal ensemble. Another prominent trend this summer is the revival of vintage jewelry. Brides are gravitating towards heirloom pieces and vintage-inspired designs. which have a timeless appeal. Elaborate chokers, antique-style pendant sets, and intricately designed bangles are making a comeback, bringing a sense of vintage and grandeur to bridal looks.”

She added, “Bold and statement-making pieces are also becoming popular among Indian brides this season. Oversized maang tikkas, shoulder-grazing earrings and chunky multi-layered necklaces are making a strong style statement. These eye-catching pieces are instantly elevated. Bridal wear, drama and Adding a touch of glamour. Gemstones in vibrant colors will steal the spotlight in 2023.”

“Brides opt for jewelry studded with colorful gemstones to add a pop of color to their ensembles. From deep red rubies and vibrant emeralds to royal blue sapphires, these gemstones bring an element of opulence and personality to a bridal look. Among metallic alternatives, rose gold is in residence this summer. Its warm and romantic hues all Complements skin tones and adds a modern twist to traditional bridal jewellery. Brides are opting for rose gold necklaces, bracelets and rings that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics,” says Ishaan.

Celebrate the joy of love and start a new chapter with these lovely summer bridal jewelry trends. Make your jewelry reflect the spirit of the season by embracing vibrant colors, unconventional designs, and the beauty of nature. Summer bridal jewelery trends for 2023 in India include nature-inspired motifs, vintage elements, bold statement pieces, vibrant gemstones, and rose gold accents. These trends influence elegance, personality and charm in the bridal ensemble.

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