Dos and Don’ts for New Parents: Tips to Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy Health

Being a parent is fun, and holding your little one for the first time can overwhelm you with love and affection. As a new parent, you want nothing but the best for your little one. From making sure they get enough sleep to providing proper nutrition, caring for a baby can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Many new parents are curious about the best practices for caring for their newborns. An important aspect of baby care is maintaining good hygiene. However, with so much advice and information available, it can be overwhelming to know what’s best for your child. (Also read: Baby Care Tips: Common Mistakes, Parenting Solutions to Care for Your Newborn )

Nikita Kohli Kathuria, baby hygiene expert and co-founder of Kinu, shares with HT Lifestyle the dos and don’ts for new parents to help keep their little ones healthy and happy.

1. Wash baby clothes separately


● Use a gentle laundry detergent designed especially for babies. These detergents are free of harsh chemicals that can irritate their sensitive skin.

● Use a liquid detergent containing glycerin that is gentle on clothes, hands, and baby’s skin.

● Baby’s clothes Wash the rest of the family’s clothes. This will help prevent any germs or bacteria from spreading.


● Do not use fabric softeners, as they can cause skin irritation in babies.

● Do not use bleach, as it can be harsh on baby’s skin and cause discoloration of their clothing.

2. Hydrate baby’s skin after bathing


● Use a light moisturizer on your baby’s skin after bath time to keep it hydrated and supple and to prevent dryness. Maintaining hydration flushes out all the toxins from the body, which makes the baby’s skin plump.

● Apply moisturizer within minutes of leaving your baby’s bath while his skin is still damp, as this will help seal in the moisture.

● Breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby is essential to keep baby hydrated and nourished.


● Avoid using moisturizers with fragrances or other irritating ingredients, as these can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

● Avoid using too much moisturizer, which can clog pores and cause skin problems.

3. Give your baby a head and scalp massage


● Use gentle, circular motions to massage your baby’s scalp. It helps promote relaxation and stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Moreover, a gentle massage with your hands will benefit their skin and help the two of you bond stronger.

● Use light baby oil or coconut oil to lubricate your baby’s scalp and make it easier to massage.

● Take your time and be gentle, as your baby’s head is delicate and sensitive.


● Do not use too much pressure when massaging your baby’s head, as this may cause discomfort or injury.

● Avoid using oils or products with strong fragrances or other irritants.

4. Always carry a baby travel kit


● Pack plenty of diapers and wipes for your trip. Pack extra clothes in case of a fall or accident.

● Bring a first aid kit that includes bandages, antiseptics, and infant pain relievers.

● Bring snacks or supplements your child may need.


● Don’t forget to pack necessary documents like your child’s birth certificate or passport if you’re traveling internationally.

● Don’t pack too many toys or other heavy items, as they can take up valuable space in your luggage.

Putting your best foot forward and wanting to do the best for your little pumpkin will be your top priority as you settle into your new daily routine as a new parent, especially since the bond a parent has with their baby is a protective one. .

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