BTS RM as art influencer: Namjoon on painting that left him ‘very shaken’

Kim Namjoon, leader of the South Korean boy band, Bangtan Sonyondan, and global icon, love for fine art is an integral part of his artistic identity, and BTS Army can confirm RM’s appreciation for rap monsters or visual aesthetics, the inclusion of art references in his songs. and his involvement with art initiatives that demonstrate his passion for the beauty and creativity found in this art form. Namjoon continues to visit many art museums around the world and shares his experiences and photos from these visits on social media, expressing his fascination with the artworks he encounters. His museum visits reveal his curiosity and desire to immerse himself in the world of fine art.

BTS RM as an art influencer: Kim Namjoon on a painting that 'moved him a lot' (Photo via Twitter/RMfanpagebd)
BTS RM as an art influencer: Kim Namjoon on a painting that ‘moved him a lot’ (Photo via Twitter/RMfanpagebd)

If you’re Stan, you know that Namjoon often includes references to fine art in his lyrics where he uses metaphors and symbols to express feelings and concepts in paintings, sculptures and other art forms and these references show his deep appreciation for the visual. Aspects of the fine arts and the ability to integrate them into your musical storytelling. The rapper has collaborated with various artists from various artistic disciplines. For example, he worked with Danish artist Jacob Steen for the artwork of his mixtape “RM”. Their collaboration led to visually stunning album covers that blended Namjoon’s music with Steen’s artistic vision.

The K-Pop idol has shown support for art initiatives and events and has participated in the “Connect, BTS” project, which aims to connect art and music by conducting art exhibitions in various cities around the world where his involvement shows his belief in the importance. of art to connect people and cultural exchange. Namjoon also continues to share glimpses of his personal art collection, his love for collecting art pieces and how they inspire and uplift him, and his collection shows his discerning taste and desire to surround himself with meaningful artistic creations.

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, RM was asked about his powerful first encounter with art, and Namjoon shared, “I think it was towards this end. End of 2018. I was on tour at the time.” But I decided to use some free time that day to visit the museum. When I saw those famous paintings that I had only seen in art textbooks or on the internet and actually felt their matter and presence, I knew I had made the right choice. I have No artistic talent, so I couldn’t help myself, with my jaw on the floor, at the incredible colors and techniques of those master artists. For some reason, I was very shaken by Sunday at La Grande Jatte.

For the uninitiated, “A Sunday La Grande Jatte” is a famous painting created by French artist Georges Seurat and completed in 1884, it is one of Seurat’s most iconic and influential works, showcasing his unique painting technique called pointillism or divisionism. The painting depicts a pleasant scene on the banks of the Seine River in Paris, specifically on the island of La Grande Jatte, it captures a sunny Sunday afternoon, people, animals and nature come together in a harmonious tableau.

Seurat carefully applied small dots or points of pure color to the canvas, which, when viewed from a distance, blend together to create a holistic image and this technique allows for a vivid and luminous effect, enhancing the play of light and color in the painting. . In “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” Seurat presents a cross-section of society depicting different social classes, ages and activities, people are seen strolling, sitting and fishing, engaged in moments of fun and enjoyment and the composition is carefully rendered. Balanced, figures strategically placed throughout the scene, creating a sense of order and symmetry.

The painting exemplifies Seurat’s interest in the science of color and optics as he carefully studied how colors interact with each other, using contrasting and complementary colors to achieve a sense of depth and atmosphere, and this careful approach to color and composition elevates the painting. of precision and detail that is both mesmerizing and innovative. “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” is considered a masterpiece of Post-Impressionism and an important work in the development of modern art as it embodies Seurat’s dedication to careful technique, exploration of color theory and ability to capture the essence of the moment. on time

Today, the painting is housed at the Art Institute of Chicago, where it continues to fascinate viewers and inspire admiration for Seurat’s technical skill and artistic vision. It has become an important cultural and artistic landmark, symbolizing the convergence of art, science, and the beauty of everyday life.

Talking about why he likes to share the art he sees in exhibitions with the public, RM admits, “I think of an Instagram account – especially a public one – as a channel of curation. It shows what the account holder is interested in, what they want to reveal and express about themselves. Yes, I sometimes feel burdened by my role as some sort of art influencer, but I post about these art shows and works in the hope that people who like me and follow me on social media will also get some enjoyment out of it. Especially since I am a younger generation myself. I want members to be more interested in modern and contemporary Korean art as well as ancient art.”

Calling media and performance art “harder” than painting and crafts because it “takes a lot of effort to appreciate”, RM said, “I think it’s important to see and experience art in places where it’s displayed, like a museum. But a media show in a certain place Or it’s hard for me to spend an hour or more watching some performance art. As I grow into an art lover, though, I hope I’ll develop more interest in those art forms. I like Nam Joon Paik, Lee Seung-taek, Hito Steyrle and Bruce Lee. Nauman’s works are very fascinating. I have never seen any performance art live. What I see on YouTube is a little weak to me. I enjoy going to art exhibitions not just for the sake of art but also as entertainment for a change of scenery. Looking at paintings and crafts, I Love to explain and analyze the matières and background stories. To be honest, paintings and crafts are beautiful and more accessible, aren’t they? I think it’s hard to deny that.”

As the leader and main creative force behind BTS, Namjoon actively contributes to the artistic direction of the group’s music videos, performances and visual concepts. His involvement reflects his dedication to incorporating artistic elements and elevating the overall aesthetic quality of their work.

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