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Invisible aligners have taken the world of dentistry by storm. You will see billboards and social media hype about this revolutionary technology. Let’s try to understand what is so remarkable about invisible alignments. The first thing to know is that invisible aligners come from a variety of companies and manufacturers, but the market leader in this industry is an American-based company called Invisalign. Like Xerox, the company name has become a generic term for photocopying anything, Invisalign has become synonymous with any invisible aligner treatment.

From improved comfort and discretion to flexibility and better oral health, Invisalign aligners offer a range of benefits for those seeking orthodontic treatment. (Freepik)
From improved comfort and discretion to flexibility and better oral health, Invisalign aligners offer a range of benefits for those seeking orthodontic treatment. (Freepik)

Alignment treatment problems that were previously done with braces were problems like a lot of pain, the ugly appearance of the metal wires changes your look for about two years until you finally get a better smile and more dental visits. New technology completely changes the paradigm and has eliminated any negative effects of treatment allowing better treatment acceptance and better patient experience. (Also read: Myths and facts about braces: Dispelling common misconceptions for a confident smile )

Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, prosthodontist, implantologist and smile design specialist, shares with HT Lifestyle, the top five benefits of invisible aligner treatment.

1. Align with comfort

It is really comfortable not only in the way it feels but also in the way it looks as it is invisible. Although aligners apply pressure to the teeth to move the teeth, this pressure is uniform and tolerable compared to metal braces. The incidence of ulcers and blisters is almost negligible compared to traditional braces

2. No restriction

These are removable so you can eat anything and put them back on. Hygiene and maintenance is very simple and you only need to keep the alignment for a short time as they need to be changed every two weeks. Traditional fixed braces have dietary and maintenance restrictions that require time and commitment from the patient.

3. Fewer dental visits

The treatment plan and required movement are fully programmed in each alignment so the autonomy for the patient is very high and they can reduce the number of their physical appointments. So this treatment works well for international patients who may come periodically for their sessions every few months.

4. No disconnection

A frequent problem with braces is always breakage if proper precautions are not taken. Cases of breakage are frequent as these treatments last for several years, but invisible aligners are digitally manufactured with precision and do not break except in extreme cases due to their inherent strength and design.

5. Digital and predictable

As the entire treatment is planned and executed digitally with the latest CAD CAM technology, it eliminates human error and ensures that the treatment progresses and is completed on time unlike traditional braces that depend on the skill of the orthodontist.

“It is important to know and understand that there may still be some complex treatments that need to be corrected with traditional braces, but this treatment modality significantly reduces treatment time and patient problems when selected and implemented. Aligning crooked teeth is now convenient and easy. has happened so many of us can stop being self-conscious and actually achieve the smile we’ve always dreamed of!”, concluded Dr. Diksha.

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