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Akshaya Tritiya is a popular opportunity to buy and invest in diamond jewellery. With the abundance of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect piece. Like fashion, jewelry also witnesses different trends and styles every year. Diamond jewellery, being an integral part of Indian tradition, has undergone many changes over the years, making it one of the most popular types of jewelery today. The charm of diamonds is endless as they are considered to be the most prestigious and precious gemstones. The association with rarity and opulence makes diamonds highly sought after. As Akshaya Tritiya is approaching, the discussion of diamonds has started. Although diamonds continue to be popular, some diamond trends have changed and evolved over time. (Also read: Akshaya Tritiya 2023: 10 things to buy on this auspicious day )

The charm of diamonds is endless as they are considered to be the most prestigious and precious gemstones.  (Instagram)
The charm of diamonds is endless as they are considered to be the most prestigious and precious gemstones. (Instagram)

Top Diamond Jewelery Trends for Akshaya Tritiya 2023

Raj Diamonds Managing Director Ishwar Surana shares with HT Lifestyle the latest diamond jewelery trends worth investing in this Akshaya Tritiya.

1. Big and fancy diamonds on trend – made for each other

From trousseau selection to jewelry, new-age shoppers have become more experimental of late. When it comes to shape and style, brilliant-cut round diamonds as well as oval and pear shapes are trending. Although the classic round continues its reign as the most popular shape, earlier out-of-style shapes are now in demand.

Not only this, large diamonds with bold, unique geometric shapes are also topping the trend charts. Overall, we are seeing a lot of interest in high-end jewelry and larger size diamonds. New designs featuring sparkling stones in vibrant enamel and ceramic settings are also in demand.

2. Elegance meets flexibility

Designs that incorporate flexible or multi-functional elements are increasingly in demand. Creating a sense of flexibility and movement isn’t easy when you’re working with the world’s hardest gemstones. Yet, through skillful setting and craftsmanship – renowned jewelers have taken incredible steps in this direction.

Fine jewelery is entering the future with flexible designs. Movable and rotatable, novel pieces are redefining fine craftsmanship in the latest jewelry collections. It can be dismantled and assembled into smart shapes that can be worn in countless ways.

3. Diamond jewelry with colored gems is in demand

The acceptance level of gemstones in jewelery has grown tremendously over the past few years and consumers are open to using different gemstones, including gemstones beyond emeralds and rubies. Colored stone jewelry is doing well right now and we are seeing an increase in demand for gemstones like tanzanite and kunzite. Tanzanite gemstones are primarily known for their gorgeous blue or purple color.

This gemstone is not only a concealer but also a symbol of new beginnings and bringing stability to life by stimulating the various chakras. Kunzite, an undeniably rare and beautiful pastel pink or purple gemstone, has been associated with love since its discovery. The Kunzite gemstone carries with it great value and symbolism.

4. A festive symbol for every joyful occasion

Natural diamonds continue to be a symbol of luxury and a celebration of personal milestones. If you are getting married or getting married, for an anniversary, birthday or any other special event such as a reward for an achievement such as a graduation or promotion or a way to increase someone’s happiness after some hardships, natural diamonds are the ideal proof of value. Seal that fun occasion. Demand is expected to increase significantly over the next few years as diamond jewelery will also continue to be a preferred gifting option. The bridal market, traditionally dominated by gold jewellery, has also seen a significant increase in diamond jewellery.

“The hardest substance on Earth, diamonds are truly one of nature’s best offerings because of their extraordinary facets, in addition to their aesthetic appeal. They add a touch of class to new-age jewelry as they combine cherished memories and bonds of a lifetime, tradition and modernity to create timeless pieces.” A diamond is a girl’s best friend’ – you must have heard this phrase. But being a woman’s best friend is not enough: they now need jewelery that sparkles and shines,” concludes Ishwar Surana.

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