6 Tips for Choosing the Right Life Partner in an Arranged Marriage

Marrying someone or not is never an easy decision even if you are in love with them. To live a fulfilling life with someone, it takes more than just love. Trust, compatibility, common values ​​and life goals, deep respect for a person are all traits that are ideally seen in a partner. When it comes to arranged marriages, the discovery is even more difficult when you’re marrying a virtual stranger. In many cases, people get to know each other first before marriage, the window is still limited and a potential life partner has to know how to evaluate. (Also Read: What makes us fall for certain people? (Study Explains the Science of Romantic Attraction)

Arranged marriages are a cultural norm in many parts of the world, where family members or matchmakers help find a suitable life partner (Pixabay)
Arranged marriages are a cultural norm in many parts of the world, where family members or matchmakers help find a suitable life partner (Pixabay)

“Arranged marriages are a cultural norm in many parts of the world, where family members or matchmakers help find a suitable life partner. While this method of finding love may seem unorthodox, arranged marriages can lead to fulfilling and successful relationships. The right choice. Spouses in arranged marriages can be awkward, But taking the right decision requires time and effort,” says Dr Chandni Tugnait MD (Alternative Medicine), Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Expert, Healer. Founder and Director – Gateway of Healing.

Tips for finding the right life partner in an arranged marriage

Here are six tips from Dr Chandni that can help people choose the right life partner in an arranged marriage:

1. Know yourself: Clearly understand your values, goals and expectations for your life partner. This will help you identify someone who is compatible with you and has similar aspirations.

2. Communication: Pay attention to how well you can communicate with your potential partner during initial meetings, and make sure you feel comfortable expressing yourself. Communication is essential in a successful relationship, especially in a pre-existing romantic relationship with little to no arranged marriages. Make sure you are comfortable expressing yourself and can discuss difficult topics respectfully and openly.

3. Consider character over appearance: While physical attractiveness is important, it’s important to look past appearances and focus on character traits like honesty, respect, and kindness.

4. Common interests and values: Find common interests and hobbies to strengthen your bond and build a more fulfilling relationship. Discussing shared values ​​early in a relationship can help prevent conflicts in the future. Learn about your potential partner’s religious beliefs, family traditions and cultural background. Understanding their family dynamics will help you better assess how compatible you are with each other.

5. Life Goals: Discussing your goals and ambitions early on can help determine if your plans align with your potential partner’s goals. Find someone with similar goals and aspirations for stability and harmony.

6. Take your time: Don’t rush to judgment; Be patient in getting to know your potential partner. Arrange several meetings so that you have enough time to assess the compatibility and suitability of the relationship.

“Navigating the selection process requires patience and introspection. While getting to know each other step by step, ask questions that help you better understand a potential partner’s personality, interests, hobbies and goals. Don’t hesitate to include family members if they are supportive and willing to help. However, boundaries need to be set. Remember, choosing your life partner is an important decision that affects your personal and financial success. Time and effort to choose wisely can lead to a happy and fulfilling life together,” concluded Dr Chandni.

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