Style Tips for Incorporating Sustainable Fashion into Your Kids’ Wardrobe | Fashion trends

byZarafshan ShirazDelhi Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; It has become a way of life where from reducing plastic waste to conserving energy, people around the world are taking important steps to ensure a better future for the planet and one area where sustainability has received a lot of attention is the fashion industry. … Read more

Common complaints during pregnancy: causes of symptoms, tips for dealing with them

byZarafshan ShirazDelhi Pregnancy causes many physical changes where apart from weight and physical appearance, there are additional changes in your body’s chemistry and function such as your heart beats faster, your temperature rises slightly, bodily secretions increase, joints and ligaments become flexible and hormones change. Mood swings are frequent as a result of hormonal changes, … Read more

Nacho Nacho is your way to fitness Health

Shobhana Narayan (Instagram) Shobhana Narayan Kathak “Being fit is not only physical fitness but also fitness of mind and spirit. So, for me, Kathak is a superior form of yoga that ensures physical fitness through vigorous dance movements and breath control as seen in the ‘methodical’ aspect of the dance style. It also inculcates a … Read more

Tips for Mastering the Bold Fashion Trends of Color Blocking and Mixing Prints | Fashion trends

Color-blocking and mixing prints have gained immense popularity in the fashion world. These trends allow fashion enthusiasts to use contrasting colors and patterns in a single outfit, creating a bold and striking look. While color blocking involves combining two or more solid colors, mixing prints is all about combining different patterns in one piece. However, … Read more

Benefits of walnuts for brain, heart, weight loss Health

Walnuts, a brain-shaped dry fruit, are known for their many benefits, especially for brain health. Many studies over the years have touted the superfood’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties that help support cognitive function. A recent study by Spanish researchers published in the journal eClinicalMedicine found that boys and girls who eat a handful of walnuts … Read more

Twist of fate: Meet the Indian who created new variants of the Rubik’s Cube

Ghost cubes, dodecahedrons, triangles… there are exciting new versions of the Rubik’s Cube coming out of India. premium Manish Rathod, 50, says, ‘Cube has taught me to be patient and accept that solutions will come in time.’ (Ruthvi Rathod) 50-year-old Manish Rathore himself has created 50 variants and 15 of his designs have been included … Read more